M.G. Road Type Walk with Pooja Saxena

Pooja Saxena · Available on demand

Join type designer Pooja Saxena for a stroll down Bangalore’s M. G. Road, and see the world through her typographic eyes.

Type walks with her are a unique opportunity to look at the city with a fresh perspective, learn about the languages and scripts in our public spaces, and appreciate the work of local sign-makers.


With stores that date back over a century, the erstwhile South Parade has a wealth of signs that help us see how the typographic character of Bangalore is changing.

From photographers to newspaper publishers, banks to saree emporia, restaurants to bookshops – the wealth of signs in a striking variety of materials are a visual treat, which is easily missed in the cacophony of this busy market street.

On this type walk, you’ll explore M.G. Road with Pooja Saxena and see signs in a whole new light.


Pooja Saxena

Pooja Saxena is a typeface designer and typographer. She documents street lettering, runs type walks, and collects newspapers from around the world.

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Dive deeper into typography

Pooja Saxena also facilitates hands-on workshops on typography.

If you’re a designer or work closely with design, you’ll find her workshops highly useful and relevant.

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