Fundamentals of visual communication design

Image credits: Ragini Siruguri

If you’re looking to become a designer or even just looking to develop your design sensibilities, this workshop is just for you.

Through this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn fundamentals in visual design through observation and critique of everyday things.


We see hundreds of visual messages around us everyday and more so in a multicultural country like India. Every element in a visual is ‘designed’ to convey a larger meaning.

By observing the design concepts behind these visuals, we can develop a visual language that can then be applied to our own projects. This allows us communicate better visually and make our products more user friendly.

Ragini Siruguri, your facilitator, is a graphic designer and a photographer. Check out her instagram profile for more treats!


  • Understanding visual messages: how do everyday images communicate?
  • How does culture influence design?
  • Elements of design: Point, line and shape; colour and texture; typography; white space
  • Principles of design: Hierarchy; balance, rhythm, contrast and scale; grids and alignments
  • Learning a new visual language: creating relationships between these visual concepts

What you'll take away

  • Develop an understanding of how to read a visual – a signboard, an icon, a layout, etc.
  • Simplify and understand the basic concepts used in visual design by professionals
  • Discover different ways to create meaning using shapes, colour, typography and space


Ragini Siruguri

Ragini Siruguri is a visual communication designer at Tara Books. She’s passionate about design education, street photography, and music.

She loves to experiment with the smell of colours, the taste of words, and thinking between the lines.

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This course will go live when there's sufficient demand. If you'd like to participate, please leave us your details. We'll keep you posted.

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Why ownpath

Live interaction

Interact with industry experts over video and text.

If you get stuck, need to know how well you’re doing, and where you can go next, we have you covered.

Personal feedback

On ownpath, you will learn by doing, with feedback from your facilitator.

With this feedback loop, your skills will grow much faster than learning alone.


The number of resources for learning any topic can be overwhelming.

On ownpath, you’ll be provided with highly curated and carefully produced guides that are specific and relevant to your learning needs.

Learn with peers

Working on projects with peers can be an enriching and enjoyable experience.

On ownpath, we’ll help you meet peers at nearby public spaces to collaborate on projects.

What learners are saying

Jayashree Raman

On Design thinking in urban spaces

The result was 4 completely different urban signs, that we designed, and most importantly, learned by doing.

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Rajesh Bhat

On Introduction to typography

The course (on ownpath) led by application with an overview of design principles to start with and got into specifics progressively.

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Aishwarya Naik

On Personal coaching

I recommend any aspiring designer to give this a shot.

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Brahma Reddy Chilakala

On Personal coaching

As a full-time Software Developer, ownpath was a perfect learning opportunity for me.

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Why shouldn't I just use MOOCs?

MOOCs and ownpath solve different problems. MOOCs help with accessing high quality educational resources from some of the best universities and companies.

But, a MOOC isn’t sufficient to keep most of us motivated. Besides, how does one know how well they’ve understood something or how well they’re applying what they’ve learned?

ownpath is designed to help you learn by doing. We’ll not stop at the theory. We’ll establish a practice routine through which you can get direct feedback and guidance on your work from industry professionals.

Will I get a certificate?

We do not provide certificates at the moment. We do however strive to help you with something that is, in our view, far more valuable. Namely, concrete experience and industry connections.

Through assignments and projects, you’ll actually learn how to apply concepts and develop real-world experience; stuff you can feature on your portfolio.

Finally, by working with experienced professionals on ownpath, you’ll develop valuable connections that can unlock doors which would be much harder otherwise.

How about an existing personal mentoring service?

Existing mentoring services seem to have a very limited selection of topics. Also, they tend to cost about ~$500/month, very expensive for most people.

ownpath strives to be an accessible and affordable alternative to higher education. We intend to be inclusive of far more topics than design or data science. We believe that a lot of real world problems are interdisciplinary, and hence require diverse perspectives.

We also want to help you not just learn a specific skill such as design or machine learning, but the surrounding skillset too. Skills such as being able to communicate your ideas well and collaborating well with others, are necessary to be great at almost any job.

What if I don't like the experience at ownpath?

We’ll be heartbroken and we’ll do our best to address the concerns you may have.

If you’d like to drop out of a programme after one session, you can avail a full refund.

Who's behind this?

We are a private company (registration underway) founded by Shreyas Satish, and run by a growing team. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have at