Fundamentals of visual communication design

Image credits: Ragini Siruguri


We see hundreds of visual messages around us everyday and more so in a multicultural country like India. Every element in a visual is ‘designed’ to convey a larger meaning.

By observing the design concepts behind these visuals, we can develop a visual language that can then be applied to our own projects. This allows us communicate better visually and make our products more user friendly.


  • Understanding visual messages: how do everyday images communicate?
  • How does culture influence design?
  • Elements of design: Point, line and shape; colour and texture; typography; white space
  • Principles of design: Hierarchy; balance, rhythm, contrast and scale; grids and alignments
  • Learning a new visual language: creating relationships between these visual concepts

What you'll take away

  • Develop an understanding of how to read a visual – a signboard, an icon, a layout, etc.
  • Simplify and understand the basic concepts used in visual design by professionals
  • Discover different ways to create meaning using shapes, colour, typography and space


Ragini Siruguri

Ragini Siruguri is a visual communication designer at Tara Books. She’s passionate about design education, street photography, and music.

She loves to experiment with the smell of colours, the taste of words, and thinking between the lines.

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