Design products of the future

The Product Design Fellowship helps you get hired by top startups as a Product Designer.

Get real-world experience with a project

Learn directly from senior product designers

Pay us only if you find a better paying job

Program starts in Feb 2021. Applications processed on a rolling basis, last date to apply is Dec 19, 2020 (Extended).


Only 20 seats available.

Industry Partners

Speakers & Coaches

Abhinit Tiwari
Abhinit Tiwari

Head of Design, Gojek

Navneet Nair
Navneet Nair

Dir. of Product Design, PhonePe

Rasagy Sharma
Rasagy Sharma

Principal Designer, Gramener

Chetty Arun
Chetty Arun

Design Manager, Razorpay

Padmini Ray Murray
Padmini Ray Murray

Founder, Design Beku

Tejas Bhatt
Tejas Bhatt

Founder, 3 sided coin

Praneet Koppula
Praneet Koppula

Design Manager, MathWorks

Sameer Bhiwani
Sameer Bhiwani

User Experience Leader, Google

Fatema Raja
Fatema Raja

Design Lead, Gojek

Meredith Black
Meredith Black

Co-Founder, DesignOps Assembly

Pragati Mehorotra
Pragati Mehorotra

Product Designer, Obvious

Somya Hastekar
Somya Hastekar

Design Lead, Microsoft

Vikalp Gupta
Vikalp Gupta

Product Designer, Obvious

How you'll learn


Build a real-world project with a team member. You’ll also showcase your project during Demo Day!


Learn concepts and case studies from industry leaders with live masterclasses led by industry experts.


Get personalised feedback and guidance for your project from industry practitioners.

Office Hours

Discuss questions and challenges with mentors and peers during Live Office Hours.

Curated Readings

Get highly curated and carefully produced guides that are specific and relevant to your learning needs.

Community Events

Participate and learn from peer-based events, guest talks, and forum discussions.


Unlocking insights with user research

This masterclass will introduce you to research and techniques to understand pain points and validate product desirability.

Business value of design

In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to make sound design choices that creates a viable business impact.

Product Thinking & Strategy

To ensure the viability of your project, you will learn how to scope your product by striking a balance between value and features.

Informing Design with Data

This masterclass will show you how to build robust data driven models informed by both quantitative and qualitative insights.

Cross-functional collaboration

This masterclass will help you learn how to work laterally across teams by staying agile and learning how to generate, receive and work with feedback.

Psychology & Ethics for Design

In this masterclass, you’ll understand how to leverage and implement insights in ways that ensures transparency for both you and your users.

Note: More topics will soon be added.

Get the full curriculum

Is this for you?

You're frustrated
  • Tired of pushing pixels
  • Not being able to talk to users or contribute to Product Strategy
  • Raring to go work in a bigger design team
You want to grow
  • Have at least ~2 years worth of experience in any design field (Eg: Graphic Design, UI Design)
  • Willing to dedicate 10+ hrs every week (Live sessions, Project work and Study)
  • Excited about designing digital products at startups

Payment Plan

Invest in your future
Pay Later (ISA*)
  • Start for Free
  • No payment if you don't find a better paying job within 6 months
  • Pay 12% of monthly income for two years
  • Lifetime Community Access

* Income Sharing Agreement

Pay Upfront Recommended
  • ₹1.95L (inclusive of GST)
  • Full refund if you don't get a better paying job within 6 months
  • Friendly EMIs available
  • Lifetime Community Access



Apply with a brief portfolio of your prior design work. See our guide on how to apply.

Sep - Dec, 2020
Get Started

Work on live projects, learn with masterclasses, and get feedback from practitioners.

Feb - Apr, 2021
Demo Day

Showcase your work to prospective employers on Demo Day.

May, 2021

Get offers from your dream company and take your journey as a Designer to the next stage!

May onwards, 2021

Why ownpath

Benefits ownpath College
Other Bootcamps & Mentoring Platforms
Learn from industry practitioners
Emphasis on communication & collaboration
Emphasis on entrepreneurial skills
Focused on advanced skills
Pay only if you get a job in your target income range
Job placement through industry partnerships


Design Management

ownpath successfully conducted a 3 Month program on Design Management in 2020 for senior designers at Gojek. Aggregate rating of 4/5 across content, experience, and mentorship.

Aishwarya Naik

Aishwarya Naik learnt UI Design, UX Design, and User Research techniques from mentors on ownpath. Through her project work, she went on to win a work contract with a not-for-profit.

Read her story

Kind words for ownpath


20 folks, so that’s 10 teams of 2.

A typical week will involve you in:

  • Project work that you and your team member will take on
  • A live masterclass with an industry expert
  • A live session with your mentor to discuss your week’s progress with your project
  • Office hours with your batch mates and mentors to discuss challenges and learnings
  • On some weeks as a bonus feature, you will have community events such as guest talks and workshops

Yes! The idea of having industry partners on board and organising a Demo Day is to help you showcase your work to top startups! We will also help you prepare your portfolio.

We’ll do everything we can. But, it’s still down to you to design a great project and clear the interview!

That’s totally fine, as long as you’ve worked in some design field. If you’re completely new to the design field, we suggest taking introductory courses and applying soon as you have a few projects on your portfolio.

We do plan to announce an introductory course for folks who’re completely new. Please do make sure to subscribe to our mailing list for updates on the same.

Either case, it’s a low risk decision. You either get a full refund or you don’t pay us if you don’t get a job in your target income range within 6 months of Demo Day.

The target income is personalised according to each participant’s background and goals, since they’re likely to be slightly different.

We wanted to make the Income Sharing Agreement option available to folks who’re currently tight on finances. We really don’t want money to come in the way of a good education.

That said, the option really depends on your financial comfort at this time. If you’re able to pay upfront, we suggest taking this route as it will likely save you money down the road.

Demo Day is an invite-only virtual event which will see participants from the cohort present their projects live.

The audience will include Heads of Design/Product and Hiring Managers from companies looking to hire Product Designers.

After the presentations, members in the audience will get in touch with you to discuss if their organisation might be a good fit for you.

Presentations will be recorded and based on your preferences, will be shared with select employers even after Demo Day, to ensure that you find the best possible offer.

Different people come with different backgrounds, life constraints, and learning speeds or preferences. So, there’s nothing to worry too much about if you don’t find an offer on Demo Day.

Since it’s most likely to do with lacking experience for the role, we’ll recommend you take up another project for a duration of 3 months, and we’ll continue to support you in the form of mentorship and opportunities during this time.

Please note that the second project is a required step in order to be eligible for a refund, in case one does not find a job within 6 months of Demo Day.

While we will give you a digitally verifiable certificate, we’d like to go further. We want to help you with gaining concrete experience and also developing industry connections.

Through assignments and projects, you’ll actually learn how to apply concepts and develop real-world experience; stuff you can feature on your portfolio.

Finally, by working with experienced professionals on ownpath, you’ll develop valuable connections that can unlock doors which would be much harder otherwise.

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